Is a Junior Isa really worth while

I would have thought that unless you start saving as soon as you can the children are just not going to ever afford to leave home…..what a thought!

I saw a calculator somewhere showing that it could easily cost about £200pm for 18 years to be able to fully afford to send the little darlings to Uni

The only benefit I can see is that, once you put the money in a Junior Isa, its effectively RING FENCED….that stops you dipping in from time to time when things get tough

TOP Idea…………………….!

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Ethical Child Isa fund

Ethical Corporate Bond Fund – A Child ISA suitable for investors with an ethical investment view, This actively managed Ethical Corporate Bond Child ISA portfolio aims to provide a level of income by investing in a wide range of bonds, including corporate bonds, index linked bonds and investment grade bonds. The portfolio manager will seek to include companies whose business activities are regarded as making a positive contribution to the society.


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Investing for Kids in ready made portfolios

The Junior isa Ltd. is backing the campaign to allow children to transfer thier Child Trust fund investments to the more flexible Junior Isa (launched Novemebr 2011). Children with Child Trust Funds do not have the same investment opportunities as those who are eligible….simply because of when they were born….to invest in a Junior isa